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Inductive levitation micro-systems for applications in sensors and actuators
Kirill Poletkin

Last modified: 2023-05-15


Electromagnetic levitation, through remote forces, eliminates completely mechanical contact and wear, a need for fluid- or gas-bearing in moving parts of micro-systems. Consequently, it is a fascinating means to overcoming the domination of friction over inertial forces at the micro-scale. In particular, recent development in 3D micro-coil technology has announced inductive levitation micro-systems (ILMS) as a promising technology for creating a new generation of micro-sensors and –actuators with higher performance. The established micro-fabrication process, passive and simple – these are the attractive qualities of ILMS. In this article, we will discuss new challenges facing ILMS in terms of technology and modeling. Also, new critical applications of ILMS in solid-state NMR, inertial sensors based on dynamic tuning and smart micro-actuation systems will be introduced.