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Simulation of the spacecraft motion to the near-Earth asteroid 2011ES4
Alexander Sergeyevich Chekashov, Olga Leonardovna Starinova

Last modified: 2023-05-15


This article discusses the flight of a spacecraft (SC) to a near-Earth asteroid. In early September 2020, the 2011ES4 asteroid will fly near the Earth at a distance of 75,000 km, which is 5 times closer than the moon’s orbit. The mission's goal is to approach the asteroid at the time of its closest approach to the Earth. The paper analyzes the parameters of the spacecraft parking orbit from the point of view of minimizing the characteristic speed required for the flight to the orbit of the asteroid, and the relative speed at the meeting point. Asteroid orbit parameters are determined using the JPL Horizons system. As a result of the simulation, the transitional orbit, the characteristic speed required for the flight, and the spacecraft launch date were determined.