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To Build the basis of software development technology (SOFT-Development) in the A-DATA PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY (ADPT) - computing
Vladimir Dimitri Markovich

Last modified: 2023-05-15




The article discusses the basics of software development for numerical information converters.

Submitted by: invariant relative to system automation the core of the description language, adaptive computing; creating automation code; forms of representation of numerical information; algorithms emulate the N-local operations of integer and real arithmetic; and finally, the choice of realization’s forms of automation systems adaptive computing (ASAC) and testing of developed software on the required set of model problems.

The results of approbation of the basic core of the system for building adaptive computing software are presented, which confirmed the efficiency and effectiveness of the system, both in terms of reliability and capabilities of its support.

In General, these characteristics allow for the first time to formalize the concepts of the metrological level of computing devices in accordance with the accuracy of calculations implemented by them and for the first time to conduct metrological certification of a processor computing device.

Categories and Subject Descriptors: (Primary) C.0 [Computer Systems Organization]:

General– instruction set design; D.3.4 [Programming Languages]: Processors —computers, optimization; G. 1.0 [Numerical Analysis]: General—computer arithmetic, error analysis, numerical algorithms

(Secondary) D. 2.1 [Software Engineering]: Requirements/Specifications– languages; D, 3.1 [Programming Languages]: Formal Definitions and Theory —semantics D ,4.1 [Operating Systems]: Process Management—synchronization

General Terms: Algorithms, Design, Languages