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Helicopter tail rotor parameters selection technique
Evgenii Igorevich Kurkin, Oleg Evgenievich Lukyanov, Dmitry Valentinovich Nazarov, Anna Vladislavovna Kondryakova

Last modified: 2023-05-15


The technique of selecting the rational parameters of the tail rotor of helicopters from the point of view of minimizing power consumption while ensuring the required thrust and satisfying geometric and functional limitations. An algorithm has been developed to find the optimal combination of design parameters for the tail rotor in four variables: diameter, speed, geometric twist, fill factor. The algorithm is implemented as the Matlab code. As a result of optimization, taking into account possible design solutions, the configuration options of the designed screw are selected. Verification calculation of the aerodynamic characteristics of the obtained configurations was carried out on the basis of solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations by the finite volume method in the ANSYS CFX system. The reliability of the applied technique for the numerical calculation of aerodynamic characteristics was assessed by comparing the obtained results and experimental data on the aerodynamic characteristics of helicopters with similar dimensions performed by TsAGI and NASA. The results of the work confirm the possibility of the presented optimization method to determine the best tail rotor parameters and use the computational aerodynamics method to refine its aerodynamic characteristics of the propellers, and the use of programming in the MATLAB environment makes it possible to optimize the main propeller parameters. Comparison of the original geometry of the propeller blade with the optimized one showed a significant reduction in power requirements.