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Dynamic aeroelastic analysis framework with corotational finite element formulation and unsteady vortex-lattice method for flexible wings
Natsuki Tsushima, Hitoshi Arizono, Tomohiro Yokozeki, Kanjuro Makihara

Last modified: 2020-02-17



In our previous works, a geometrically nonlinear static aeroelastic analysis framework has been developed [1]. In the following work [2], the aeroelastic framework has also been accommodated for dynamic analysis by using an approach introduced in Ref. [3]. In the aeroelastic analysis framework, a shell finite element, which can model thin wings, has been accommodated to model isotropic, orthotropic, and corrugated plate-like structures. A corotational approach is used to model the effect of geometrical nonlinearity due to large deformation produced by flexible wings. An unsteady vortex-lattice aerodynamic method (UVLM) has been implemented to couple with the structural model subject to the large deformation. The nonlinear structural dynamics is solved using three-node triangular shell element by a superposition of the optimal triangle membrane (OPT) and discrete Kirchhoff triangle (DKT) elements. Since only partial verifications of the dynamic aeroelastic framework have been conducted in the previous works, an experimental validation will be performed in this paper. In addition, dynamic aeroelastic behaviors of flexible wings will be numerically studied with the analysis framework.


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