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Modeling of loads in stages separation device for aerospace system
Pavel Vasilyevich FADEENKOV, Dmitry Mihailovich Kozlov, Gennady Alexeyevich Reznichenko, Vladislav Valerevich Fenske

Last modified: 2023-05-15


Aerospace system designed for the operational launch of small spacecraft into working orbits is used. Aerospace system consists of aviation and space stages, a device for the separation of aviation and space stages. Aviation stage is a modified high-altitude subsonic aircraft M-55. Space stage - launch vehicles with a target load of up to 200 kg or inhabited rocket-planes performing suborbital flights. Stage separation device - a universal rotary table mounted on a carrier aircraft and equipped with standardized units for installing and fixing all types of space stages.

The operation of the stage separation mechanism is described, the results of topological optimization on the variable-density body models of the structural-power scheme of a universal rotary table and a carrier aircraft, the mass estimation of the stage separation device, and the mass summary of the aerospace system including the target load in the form of a five-seat rocket plane for suborbital flights are described .