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A hybrid system for structural health monitoring of remote infrastructure in arctic region
Harpal Singh

Last modified: 2023-05-15


Extreme arctic conditions have adverse effects on the civil engineer-ing infrastructure. Moreover, due to global warming earth is undergoing a rapid climate change. As a result storms are getting bigger and the waves in the ocean are becoming more violent. Such severe storms under extreme arctic environ-ment will lead to more degradation of the infrastructure. Structures in such con-ditions generally have prolonged down-time as it requires more inspections as well as expensive allocation of human resources and equipment. Reduced per-formance of structures or its failures can be avoided by structural health moni-toring (SHM). It requires a lot of logistics to carry out a planned inspection ac-tivity of a structure in remote area in arctic regions. In this lecture we present a new hybrid system based on drones, machine learning and artificial intelligence for SHM of remote civil engineering infrastructure to enhance safety and reduce structures downtime.