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Integral Sliding Mode Controller Design for Hypersonic Missile Applying Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
davood david allahverdy

Last modified: 2023-05-15


Nowadays, hypersonic missile plays an important role in attacking to an object. In this paper guidance laws are selected as fixed point pitch angle and pitch rate. Dual integral sliding mode control (ISMC) is designed and analyzed for the longitudinal dynamics of hypersonic missile for an unmaneuvering target (steady acceleration). The dynamic of HM decoupled into 2 subsystems and by Euler expansion discrete model is achieved. Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is also designed for optimal selection the coefficients of controllers. Fitness functions are chosen for stability of HM system and fast convergence of the velocity and altitude errors to the zero. The simulation results indicate that the proposed approach has high accuracy and low-amplitude control inputs in the presence of uncertainties.