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Stability of a wing model with actuator delay
Daniela Enciu, Ioan Ursu, Andrei Halanay, Adrian Toader, George Tecuceanu, Dragos Daniel Ion Guta

Last modified: 2023-05-15


The main objective of the work is the validation of a control strategy for the wing model tested in the wind tunnel (WT) in the presence of a specially built turbulence generator. The mathematical model of the wing, obtained by experimental identification, is a set of linear systems associated with several air velocities in WT.  Introducing the actuator delay into the model is a common paradigm in the field. It is thus defined a problem of active control synthesis for a switching system with delay on the actuator. A predictive feedback method is used to compensate the actuator delay of the associated linearized system. Thus, the time-delayed control is replaced by a state delay, and the effect of the control appears in a non-homogeneous term in the linearized system. A theorem that gives sufficient conditions for stability, recently published by the authors of the present work, is now applied in the case of the wing model. Numerical simulations highlight some aspects regarding the conservative character of the theorem.