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Thermomechanical properties of electrodes with complex profile geometry for radio frequency ion thruster with a weakly diverging ion beam
Andrey Igorevich Mogulkin, Oleg Peysakhovih, Vladislav Nigmatzyanov, Viktor Balashov, Vartan Abgaryan, Alexandra Kupreeva

Last modified: 2023-05-15


The research was carried out as a development step of an ion injector designed for removal of large pieces of space debris using an ion beam, which is similar to an ion injector described in [1]. To solve the problem stated in [1], thin planar electrodes with diameter of 200 mm perforated with slit apertures of complex profile are required. The main concern of the design and operation of the ion-extraction system (IES) unit with such electrodes is the danger of loss of stability under thermal loading while operating at the rated power level as well as while reaching such level. The tensions occurring in electrode grids are caused by temperature gradient along the grid radius.

The results of numerical calculations of temperature fields conducted in Ansys software environment for the electrodes only and for IES as a whole are presented. The output data of thermal calculations were used to estimate stress-strain state of grids made of different materials with different ways of their fixing.

The results of electrodes strain-stress simulation in Ansys software environment have been verified with numerical modeling results obtained using the simplified algorithm for grids with round apertures which were considered as thin-walled shells of rotation with initial imperfection of shape and constructive orthotropy.

A high degree of agreement of the grid additional deformation numerical simulation results was achieved. Carbon composite was selected as the main material.

This work was carried out within implementation of Federal Target Program “Research and Development in Priority Directions for the Development of the Russian Science and Technology Complex for 2014 - 2020” (Agreement No. 05.604.21.0211. Unique identifier of the agreement: RFMEFI60419X0211).