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Decentralized Formation Control of Unmanned Robotic Devices with Time Delays in Communication Channels
Daria Galkina, Stanislav Tomashevich, Oleg Borisov

Last modified: 2023-06-29


This paper is devoted to the development of an automatic control system for a group of UAVs. Information between devices is exchanged in order to form and maintain a predetermined distance between them through a communication channel with a time delay. Thus, with the proper implementation of the above, it becomes possible to successfully complete the tasks of monitoring, aerial photography and patrolling. The article also provides a detailed study of the effect of time delay in the communication channel on full synchronization of the group of robotic devices, which is an important problem which gains a reasonably serious impact on the work's operative implementation by the group. A number of requirements and limitations to the developed system are proposed taking into account the features of the communication channel. Also in this article, a way of solving the issue of the regulation's stability of the system in the event of a time delay is proposed.