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Simulation of acousto-elastic interaction for fluid-saturated solid
Andrei U. Karzhou, Klas Pettersson, Irina Pettersson

Last modified: 2023-05-15


Noise pollution is one of the challenges in modern society, and there is a clear need of developing new methods for the design of composite materials facing the noise pollution problem. Fluid-saturated solids with isolated pores is one of the promising approaches to cope with this problem and design light weight materials with good sound attenuation properties. We present a model for describing a fluid-saturated solid in an acoustic field based on the fluid-structure interaction approach. Namely, we analyze the frequency response of an elastic plate with microstructure. The governing equations for the solid arise from linear elasticity, and the acoustic field in the air is described by a wave equation. We impose natural interface conditions, such as continuity of the pressure and the Euler equation, on the solid-air interface. We suggest an iterative numerical method, solving iteratively problems in the elastic part and in the air with suitable boundary conditions, and discuss its restrictions.