Presentations and Authors

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Plenary- Keynote Talks

Sequential Caputo Fractional Sub-hyperbolic Dynamic Equations in one dimensional Space with Numerical Applications
Aghalaya S. VATSALA, Yunxiang Bai
Study of Caputo Time Fractional Transport Equation
Aghalaya S. VATSALA, Arindam Sutradar

Mini symposium: Nonlinear Problems of Guidance, Navigation and Control in Aerospace

Forming the orbital structure and maintenance the orbital parameters of multi- level space constellations for earth monitoring using electric propulsion
Ivan S. Tkachenko, Vadim V. Salmin, Sergey L. Safronov, Alexey S. Chetverikov, Vladimir V. Volotsuev

Special Session: Delay Differential Equations with Applications to Engineering, Life Sciences and Economics.

A five-dimensional unemployment model with time delays
Loredana Flavia Vesa

Special Session: Using the Simple Adaptive Control methodology to guarantee better performance and safety of application

A Wing-aileron Adaptive Flutter Suppression System
Carmelo Rosario Vindigni, Calogero Orlando, Andrea Alaimo

Special Session: Applied Mathematics in Aerospace Structural Engineering

Multidisciplinary Assessment of Different Alternative Fuels in Military Gas Turbine Engines
Károly Beneda, László Kavas, Béla Varga