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Plenary- Keynote Talks

Recent Developments in the Multivariate Function Decompositions: Enhanced Multivariance Products Representation (EMPR) Under Selective Condition Impositions
Metin Demiralp
Nonlocal Rvolution Systems
Tzanko Donchev

Mini Symposium: Recent Applied Mathematical Methodology Developments

Probabilistic Evolution Theory in Subintervals with Condensed Kronecker Product for Explicit Autonomous ODEs: Classical Two-Particle Problem as an Example
Cosar Gozukirmizi, Metin Demiralp
A Determination Methodology for the Evolution of Quantum Screened Coulomb Potential Systems at Fluctuationlessness Limit and the First Fluctuations in Expectation Value Evaluations
berfin kalay, metin demiralp
Convergence Studies for Separate Node Ascending Derivatives Expansion (SNADE) on Complex Plane
Derya Bodur, Metin Demiralp
Expectation Value Based Phase Space Trajectories of Autonomous Quantum Systems For Initial Wave Functions Composed of a Finite Number of Eigenstates
Metin Demiralp
A Perturbation Expansion Based Approach to the Evaluation of Spectral Entities for Screened Coulomb Potential Systems
Metin Demiralp, Berfin Kalay

Mini symposium: Nonlinear Problems of Guidance, Navigation and Control in Aerospace

On checking formal languages for nonconflict using the PCF-calculus
Artem Davydov, Aleksandr Larionov, Nadezhda Nagul

Special Session: The Navier-Stokes equations and the phenomenon of turbulence

The paradox of instantaneous propagation in the Navier-Stokes equation
Vladimír Horák, Vladimir Kulish, Jiří Nožička, Jakub Suchý, Linh Do Duc

Special Session: Analysis and Applications of Fractional Differential and Difference Equations

Quasilinearization Method with Higher Order Convergence for Nonlinear RL Fractional Differential Equations
Zachary Denton

Special Session: Nonlinear Engineering Problems

Nonlinear effects of aerodynamic load in dynamics of double VAWT
Marat Dosaev, Liubov Klimina

Special Session: Using the Simple Adaptive Control methodology to guarantee better performance and safety of application

NASA-TLX Assessment of Wavenet Control in Passive Haptic Guidance on CyberForce System
Omar Arturo Dominguez-Ramirez, Juan Daniel Ramirez-Zamora
Combined Linear Aeroelastic and Aero-viscoelastic Effects in da Vinci--Euler--Bernoulli and Timoshenko Spars (Beams) with Random Properties, Loads and Physical Starting Transients, and with Moving Shear Centers and Neutral Axes. Part III: Nonlinear Cons
Harry H. Hilton, David Du, Eric Brzeski, Andy Song

Special session: Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Algorithms, Optimization Methods and Flow Control for Aerospace Techni

Short-term Prediction of Wind Farm Energy Production Based on Randomized Dynamic Mode Decomposition
Diana Alina Bistrian, Ionel Michael Navon, Marcel Topor, Sorin Ioan Deaconu
CFD Analysis of Low-Power Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Florin FRUNZULICA, Alexandru Dumitrache, Daniel Crunteanu
Structural Analysis of a Two-Stage Rotor VAWT
Bogdan Adrian NICOLIN, Alexandru Dumitrache, Florin Frunzulica
Improving the efficiency of a wind turbine using blades with winglets
Florin FRUNZULICA, Alexandru Dumitrache, Daniel Crunteanu
Numerical Evaluation of Airfoils with Tilted Cavities for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Applications
Ioana Octavia Bucur, Daniel Eugeniu Crunteanu, Madalin Dombrovschi

Special Session: Applied Mathematics in Aerospace Structural Engineering

Damla Durmuş