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Mini symposium: Nonlinear Problems of Guidance, Navigation and Control in Aerospace

Analysis and design of event-triggered control systems using sublinear vector Lyapunov functions
Sergey Ul'yanov, Nikolay Maksimkin
Feedback controller design for nonlinear systems using vector Lyapunov functions and a distributed metaheuristic algorithm
Sergey Ul'yanov, Anton Tolstikhin

Special Session: Delay Differential Equations with Applications to Engineering, Life Sciences and Economics.

Stability of a wing model with actuator delay
Daniela Enciu, Ioan Ursu, Andrei Halanay, Adrian Toader, George Tecuceanu, Dragos Daniel Ion Guta
Control synthesis and stability analysis of equilibria in a mathematical model of a pneumatic servosystem
Daniela Enciu, Andrei Halanay, Carmen-Anca Safta, Adrian Toader, Ioan Ursu

Special Session: The perturbation methods and the applications and High Performance Computing

Software package for std FPN topology research
Natalia Uskova
Software package for std FPN topology research
Natalia Uskova
Andrei Uskov