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General Session : If your Papers not fit in any of the special session please submit here

Dynamic aeroelastic analysis framework with corotational finite element formulation and unsteady vortex-lattice method for flexible wings
Natsuki Tsushima, Hitoshi Arizono, Tomohiro Yokozeki, Kanjuro Makihara

Mini Symposium: Recent Applied Mathematical Methodology Developments

Maclaurin Expansions of Even Hermite Polynomials with Trigonometric Function: Numerical Applications and Perturbation Expansions.
Bahar Yolcu

Special Session: Using the Simple Adaptive Control methodology to guarantee better performance and safety of application

ASPR based Adaptive Output Regulation for Systems with Input Saturation
Ikuro Mizumoto, Kazui Yamada

Special Session: Applied Mathematics in Aerospace Structural Engineering

Multi-fidelity drag estimation of corrugated morphing wings
Kensuke Soneda, Tomohiro Yokozeki, Taro Imamura, Natsuki Tsushima