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Automaton Cell for SU(3) ‘Game of Lie’ Crystallization of the Atoms and Elementary Particles Including Charm, Bottom, Tau and the Gauge Vector Bosons.
erik trell
‘‘Game of Lie” Cellular Automaton of Periodic Table Crystallization in Killing Root Space A2/A3 .
erik trell
Dynamic aeroelastic analysis framework with corotational finite element formulation and unsteady vortex-lattice method for flexible wings
Natsuki Tsushima, Hitoshi Arizono, Tomohiro Yokozeki, Kanjuro Makihara

Mini Symposium: Recent Applied Mathematical Methodology Developments

Image Denoising using Enhanced Multivariance Products Representation (EMPR)
sena kaçar, Burcu Tunga
A New Technique for Face Recognition Using High Dimensional Model Representation
Burcu Tunga, Alican Saatçi
Machine Learning Based Matrix Decomposition via Enhanced Multivariance Products Representation
Suha Tuna
Multivariate Data Modelling for Car Insurance Sales Prediction
Alper Tunga

Mini symposium: Nonlinear Problems of Guidance, Navigation and Control in Aerospace

Forming the orbital structure and maintenance the orbital parameters of multi- level space constellations for earth monitoring using electric propulsion
Ivan S. Tkachenko, Vadim V. Salmin, Sergey L. Safronov, Alexey S. Chetverikov, Vladimir V. Volotsuev
Full control of a quadrotor with simple adaptive control
Stanislav Tomashevich, Boris Andrievsky
Feedback controller design for nonlinear systems using vector Lyapunov functions and a distributed metaheuristic algorithm
Sergey Ul'yanov, Anton Tolstikhin
Decentralized Formation Control of Unmanned Robotic Devices with Time Delays in Communication Channels
Daria Galkina, Stanislav Tomashevich, Oleg Borisov
Performance Evaluation of Parametric Estimators with Application to Quadrotors
Mikhail Kakanov, Stanislav Tomashevich, Vladislav Gromov, Oleg Borisov, Fatimat Karashaeva, Anton Pyrkin

Special Session: Delay Differential Equations with Applications to Engineering, Life Sciences and Economics.

Stability of a wing model with actuator delay
Daniela Enciu, Ioan Ursu, Andrei Halanay, Adrian Toader, George Tecuceanu, Dragos Daniel Ion Guta
Control synthesis and stability analysis of equilibria in a mathematical model of a pneumatic servosystem
Daniela Enciu, Andrei Halanay, Carmen-Anca Safta, Adrian Toader, Ioan Ursu

Special Session: Nonlinear Engineering Problems

ynthesis and characterization of the microcellular injection molded PP/oyster shell powder nanocomposites
shyh-shin hwang, Yu-hsung Tseng, Yo-tsung Lin

Special session: Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Algorithms, Optimization Methods and Flow Control for Aerospace Techni

Short-term Prediction of Wind Farm Energy Production Based on Randomized Dynamic Mode Decomposition
Diana Alina Bistrian, Ionel Michael Navon, Marcel Topor, Sorin Ioan Deaconu

Special Session: Applied Mathematics in Aerospace Structural Engineering

Multi-fidelity drag estimation of corrugated morphing wings
Kensuke Soneda, Tomohiro Yokozeki, Taro Imamura, Natsuki Tsushima
Masato Tamayama
Masato Tamayama