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ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Investigation of Pressure Influence in a Vacuum Chamber on the results of the parameters measurements of stationary plasma thruster beam. Abstract
Denis Merkurev
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Isogeometric analysis on a blending type spline construction Abstract
Tatiana Kravetc
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Joint optimization of control and main trajectory and design parameters of a combined high and low-thrust geostationary orbit (GEO) insertion Abstract
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Machine Learning Based Matrix Decomposition via Enhanced Multivariance Products Representation Abstract
Suha Tuna
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Maclaurin Expansions of Even Hermite Polynomials with Trigonometric Function: Numerical Applications and Perturbation Expansions. Abstract
Bahar Yolcu
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 MathCAD modeling of the displacements and temperature in 2D of the problems of coupled thermoelastodynamics Abstract
Bakhyt Alipova
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Mathematical description of elastic phenomena, appearing in a vibrating guitar string, which use Caputo or Riemann-Liouville fractional order derivative, is non-objective Abstract
Agneta M. Balint, Stefan Balint
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Mathematical Modelling in Applied Sciences Abstract
Stefan Balint
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Metric preserving functions and Gromov-Hausdorff space Abstract
Vladimir Chikin
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Mixed Cournot oligopoly Abstract
Loredana Camelia Culda
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Mixed Generalized Iterative Method for Nonlinear Caputo Fractional Differential Equations with initial conditions with Applications Abstract
Sowmya Muniswamy
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Model Adaptive Dynamic Soaring Guidance with Wind Profile Uncertainties Abstract
Jiří Novák
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Modeling and experimental study for profiled electrodes of ion-extraction system of an ion injector with a weakly diverging ion beam Abstract
Oleg Peysakhovich, Andrey Mogulkin, Vladislav Nigmatzyanov, Alexandra Kupreeva, Maria Cherkasova
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Modeling of loads in stages separation device for aerospace system Abstract
Pavel Vasilyevich FADEENKOV, Dmitry Mihailovich Kozlov, Gennady Alexeyevich Reznichenko, Vladislav Valerevich Fenske
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Modeling of optimal networks by means of linkages Abstract
Marina Zhitnaya
Pavel Vasilyevich FADEENKOV, Sergey Alexey Ishkov, Maksim Vladimirovich Borisov, Oleg Firdasovich Sadykov
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Modeling Techniques and Validation Experiments for Two- Phase Critical Flows Abstract
Ezra Elias
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Multidisciplinary Assessment of Different Alternative Fuels in Military Gas Turbine Engines Abstract
Károly Beneda, László Kavas, Béla Varga
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Multi-fidelity drag estimation of corrugated morphing wings Abstract
Kensuke Soneda, Tomohiro Yokozeki, Taro Imamura, Natsuki Tsushima
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Multivariate Data Modelling for Car Insurance Sales Prediction Abstract
Alper Tunga
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Multivariate Integral Kernel Separation Methodology: Tridiagonal Multivariate Integral Kernel Enhanced Multivariance Products Representation (TMIKEMPR) Abstract
Ayla Okan, Zeynep Gündoğar
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 NASA-TLX Assessment of Wavenet Control in Passive Haptic Guidance on CyberForce System Abstract
Omar Arturo Dominguez-Ramirez, Juan Daniel Ramirez-Zamora
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 Navigation, guidance and control of a space robot in geostationary orbit Abstract
Tatyana Somova, Sergey Butyrin, Yevgeny Somov
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 New Aspects of Dynamic Geometry on Time Scales Abstract
Svetlin Georgiev
ICNPAA WORLD CONGRESS 2020 New developments in nonlinear systems stability analysis - Careful review of the delicate issues of limits manages to eliminate apparently necessary conditions of continuity and also ends with more significant conclusions Abstract
Itzhak Barkana
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