Presentations and Authors

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Plenary- Keynote Talks

Excess wing physics and nearly constant loss in glasses
Rudolf Hilfer
Excess wing physics and nearly constant loss in glasses
Rudolf Hilfer

Mini Symposium: Harmonic Analysis, related Function Spaces and their Applications

Generalized Orlicz spaces
Petteri Harjulehto

Special Session: Delay Differential Equations with Applications to Engineering, Life Sciences and Economics.

Stability of some equilibria in a DDE model of ALL under maintenance therapy
Andrei Halanay, Ragheb Mghames
Analysis of a DDE model of evolution in malaria incorporating the action of the immune system
Karim Mohammad Amin, Andrei Halanay, Rodica Nicola Radulescu
Treatment and resistance in a CML model
Irina Badralexi, Ana-Maria Bordei, Andrei Halanay, Rodica Radulescu
Stability of a wing model with actuator delay
Daniela Enciu, Ioan Ursu, Andrei Halanay, Adrian Toader, George Tecuceanu, Dragos Daniel Ion Guta
Ana-Maria Bordei, Andrei Halanay
Stability study of tracking trajectories for a formation of UAVs
Ana-Maria Bordei, Andrei Halanay
Control synthesis and stability analysis of equilibria in a mathematical model of a pneumatic servosystem
Daniela Enciu, Andrei Halanay, Carmen-Anca Safta, Adrian Toader, Ioan Ursu

Special Session: The Navier-Stokes equations and the phenomenon of turbulence

A fresh look at the Navier-Stokes equation and the phenomenon of turbulence
The paradox of instantaneous propagation in the Navier-Stokes equation
Vladimír Horák, Vladimir Kulish, Jiří Nožička, Jakub Suchý, Linh Do Duc
Investigation and modelling of the effect of wall roughness on the Reynolds number
Tomáš Hyhlík, Vladimir Kulish

Special session: Fractional-order systems: theory, numerical methods and applications

Explicit solutions of linear systems of impulsive delay Riemann-Liouville fractional differential equations
Snezhana Hristova

Special Session: Nonlinear Engineering Problems

ynthesis and characterization of the microcellular injection molded PP/oyster shell powder nanocomposites
shyh-shin hwang, Yu-hsung Tseng, Yo-tsung Lin

Special Session: Using the Simple Adaptive Control methodology to guarantee better performance and safety of application

Combined Linear Aeroelastic and Aero-viscoelastic Effects in da Vinci--Euler--Bernoulli and Timoshenko Spars (Beams) with Random Properties, Loads and Physical Starting Transients, and with Moving Shear Centers and Neutral Axes. Part III: Nonlinear Cons
Harry H. Hilton, David Du, Eric Brzeski, Andy Song
Applying the Simple Adaptive Control to a Design using a B controller
Azeddine Ghodbane, Maher Hammami, David Bensoussan

Special session: Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Algorithms, Optimization Methods and Flow Control for Aerospace Techni

Studies Regarding Aerodynamic Optimization Processes of Supercritical Airfoils
Mihai Vladut Hothazie, Daniel Eugeniu Crunteanu, Mihai Victor Pricop, Ionut Bunescu